Friday, June 15, 2007


UPDATE JANUARY 2007: Still no contact from the band or management. I'm starting to think that it's unlikely that I'll be involved after all. The Nektar tour has been rescheduled for February through April 2007, but I have Tony Levin and other commitments so I won't be doing that either. Thanks to all of you who have asked.

UPDATE MID-FEBRUARY 2007: The Nektar winter tour is off (again). I'm so far out of the loop that I find out most information from the band website and by reading the fan forums. However, recent emails and phone calls from present and former band members indicate that the Book of Days album recording is moving toward completion and future touring plans are being put in place. Once again, the Nektar website is where official announcements can be found. I have a soft spot for the first major band that I toured with 31 years ago. I want everything to work out for them.

UPDATE MID-JUNE 2007: Uh Oh. The official Nektar seems to be gone. Try I hear Roye's trying to finish the new album, but I don't have any information about how that's going. Look's like there might be some touring, though.

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