Wednesday, January 1, 1997


The SYNERGY recordings are the first publicly available recordings in the world to employ ARIS Technologies MusiCodeTM audio watermarking technology for the identification and tracking of musical performances.

ARIS Technologies, Inc. is an industry leader in proprietary audio watermarking systems and solutions that identify, authenticate and protect content in physical carrier, broadcast, online and other transmission environments. ARIS watermarks have a distinctive "layering" feature that enables multiple layers of information to be encoded in an audio stream at different points of the distribution chain. For example, ARIS' flagship MusiCodeTM system encodes Content ID, recipient/transaction, and copy management information.

MusiCodeTM is the only watermarking technology I examined that met my standards for absolute inaudibility within the music while being robust enough to survive all media formats from DVD and CD, through existing broadcast media, all the way to streamed internet audio. The technology of music distribution is evolving so rapidly that if music publishers and recording companies are to survive, tremendously improved tracking of music ownership is an absolute necessity. MusiCode makes it possible for my music to move seamlessly from traditional CDs and broadcasting to the internet and beyond.

Right now, if you listen to the Synergy CDs you won't hear anything different, which is how it's supposed to be; the coding is audibly transparent. But in the future, especially as music and audio move into cyberspace and away from being tied to a piece of physical plastic, MusiCodeTM will provide a way to track who's got the music up on their servers and how it's being used. Watermarking will also be a big help to present-day analog broadcasting and the coming digital TV and radio standards.

If this seems a little arcane, don't worry. Just understand that this technology is the wave of the future; it's here now; and the Synergy records are THE first ones that you can go out and buy at a record store that have it. Visit ARIS Technologies' MusiCodeTM site to find out more.