Thursday, December 10, 1998


If you haven't heard, there are some big changes at Third Contact/Synergy. The Synergy catalog of recordings is now manufactured and distributed in North America (the US and Canada) by the PolyGram/Chronicles label. This includes the three titles that had been independently distributed on the Third Contact Media label. These titles moved over to Chronicles in April, 1998. These three, and all of the rest of the Synergy albums are out now. All nine of the Synergy albums are available from our favorite internet online retailers (like The Artist Shop), and from a bunch of new places including your local record store.

Out Now (as of December 1, 1998):

  • "Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra" (PolyGram/Chronicles 314-558-042-2)
  • "Sequencer" (PolyGram/Chronicles 314-558-043-2)
  • "Cords" (PolyGram/Chronicles 314-558-044-2)
  • "Games" (PolyGram/Chronicles" 314-558-045-2)
  • "Audion" (PolyGram/Chronicles" 314-558-046-2)
  • "Semi-Conductor, release 2" (PolyGram/Chronicles 314-558-048-2)
  • "The Jupiter Menace" (PolyGram/Chronicles 314-558-047-2)
  • "Metropolitan Suite" (PolyGram/Chronicles 314-558-049-2)
  • "Computer Experiments, Volume One" (PolyGram/Chronicles 314-558-050-2)

There are still a few copies of the first three CDs on the Third Contact label which might become collectors items now that all of the new copies are from PolyGram/Chronicles. They're available at The Artist Shop.

For you eagle-eye fans, there's a typo on the first reissue copies of The Jupiter Menace that made it into circulation. It might become a collectors item someday.

Watch for further announcements about the releases and distribution on this news page and other locations here at the Synergy site. (If there is anything important about the acquisition of PolyGram by Universal we'll let you know about it.)