Monday, March 1, 2004


Since 1998, the original nine Synergy CDs on our Third Contact label have been manufactured and distributed by the Chronicles label, originally part of PolyGram and later a part of the Universal Music Group. That distribution arrangement has now ended. It is getting increasingly difficult to find the Chronicles CDs online through US retailers like A great source of any remaining inventory is The Artist Shop.

However, in an almost seamless transition, the nine original CDs and the latest "Reconstructed Artifacts" are being released through the Voiceprint Recordings label in the UK. The first four ("Electronic Realizations", "Sequencer", "Cords" and "Games") and "Reconstructed Artifacts" are already available. The rest of the titles will become available through Voiceprint in the coming months. These are the same digitally remastered transfers from the original analog masters that were out on UMG/Chronicles.

The best part is that each of the first Voiceprint reissues has a bonus track, some never before heard. "Electronic Realizations" has an earlier version of Classical Gas exactly as it was on the non-US versions of the original LP. "Sequencer" has an early demo of Sequence 14, "Cords" has radio edit of Phobos, and "Games" has some early digital synthesizer parts created at Bell Laboratories in 1978-79.

All of the Synergy CDs can be ordered directly from Voiceprint and shipped worldwide (that includes to the US and Canada). The Artist Shop has the imports from Voiceprint at reasonable prices for US buyers. And the Voiceprint imports are beginning to show up at online retailers like Amazon for US buyers, but they are a little pricey for now (sorry we don't control that). Check out our How To Get CDs page for additional information.

With Voiceprint distributing everywhere outside of the US and Canada, and their imports from England picking up the slack in North America for now, we're in the process of deciding what makes the most sense for the future in the US and Canada. Options include placing Third Contact with a different distributor, distributing ourselves, or extending Voiceprint's territory to formally include North America. Electronic downloads are going to be a part of this, too. We'll keep you updated as things evolve in the coming months.