Friday, February 1, 2002


The new CD is out. Pieces Of The Sun available on Narada Records/EMI. More information is at this page at the Tony Levin site.

Here's the background:

It only took a decade or so, but the core of the old Peter Gabriel Band (Tony, Jerry Marotta, and me, plus Todd Rundgren guitarist Jesse Gress) has reconstituted itself as the Tony Levin Band . We played on and toured in support of Tony's solo album "The Waters of Eden" (see below). We''ve finished touring across the US and into Eastern Canada from May through November of 2000, and Japan in the Spring of 2001, and several outdoor festival dates during the summer of 2001.

Rehearsing and recording the next album called "Pieces Of The Sun" took place during the Summer and early Fall of 2001. Release is scheduled on Narada/EMI Records for mid February, 2002 with touring across the US and (possibly more) expected soon after that.

We're off the road for a while after touring during March, April and May, 2000. We recorded a live show at the Bearsville Theater (New York) which will be mixed and released as a live CD later this year. We'll post information about the release when we have a date for it. Any additional tour information will be found at We'll post any new tour dates here as soon as they're announced.

Tony's so much better at keeping a tour diary than I am that I'm sending everybody over to his site to see the tour pictures and read Tony's write-ups about the different shows. I couldn't have done half as good a job at keeping this kind of journal. Go to to see the tour pictures and then come back here.

To make it a little easier to see the band photo albums that Tony keeps, here are some direct links into his site archives:

You can see and hear streaming video of the Toronto show in October, 2000 by following this link:


OCTOBER 28, 2000

The band appeared live playing and with interviews on Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight" show.--one of his last on WNEW-FM in New York. (A streaming audio archive was available through Vin Scelsa's site--follow the links to see if it's still up).

This is what I spent a lot of time doing on the tour --
lots of time on the bus with my Powerbook (photo by Tony Levin)

People have been asking about my tour equipment. It's now listed on the productions and studio page. And yes, the rumors are true. There is a Synergy piece performed live in the set. There will probably be some minor equipment changes when we hit the road again in 2002. We'll post them as they happen.