Sunday, August 1, 1999


A couple of items have run recently. They're worth checking out:

There was a feature article in the May issue of Stereo Review's Sound and Vision. The article is called "Upstairs/Downstairs" and shows a bit of my studio at home. The article is posted at the Sound & Vision site for a while, though it's unclear how long the publisher will leave it on the server.

There's a long interview by Barry Cleveland that ran in the March 1999 issue of
Electronic Musician. You can read a copy of it posted here at the Synergy site.

There was a cover story in Issue 28 (summer/fall 1998) of Progressionmagazine, page 20.

There's an interview and some sound clips posted at Cosmik Debris

Check out Synergy reviews in Babysue:

There are reviews posted at Pitchfork: . Find Synergy under the S heading.

Album reviews have been printed in Expose magazine. Their web site is at

USA Today had a half-page feature in the Living section on August 31, 1998. The article was posted at for a while, though it's unclear how long USA Today leaves old news on the server.

There have been a bunch of reviews at Spinme:

Electronic Realizations
Computer Experiments Volume One
The Jupiter Menace
Metropolitan Suite

Wind & Wire's July/August, 1998 issue ran an interview with Larry Fast by Judy Markworth which is posted with permission here on this site. ran an interview in 1997.

so did
MIX MAGAZINE May,1997 page 84

more to come . . .